Benzinga Pro – Real Time Financial News

“Financial NEWS that matters will earn YOU money.”

You want big money and You want to keep safe your money at the same time.

In the world of Stock Market and Forex Market, most of the trading happens because of market news.

You get to know important news faster than your opponent, then You will be in a win-win situation every time you buy or sell stocks; because you had the news at the right time and you have taken right trade at the right time.

Many a times, we heard “News move the market”.

Real time News related to company’s profits, production, SEC filing, declaring dividends, Income Tax Raids or insider trading can fill your pockets with bucks if you get to these financial news at the right time.

Being an individual or small trader, you get these news later when market has already taken it’s move, because of that, you either book less profits or book losses.

A Big Bull or a Big Bear will have these news as soon as it releases. So, they are able to make big bucks out of that news.

Now ! How to get NEWS that matters in real-time.

BENZINGA PRO is the money making tool that will provide You the same.

What is Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro is a real-time news terminal to help you stay updated with the live financial news relating to stock or forex market.

It provides you with real-time headlines that have the power to move the market.

It’s made for both a Day trader and for the Investor.

Whenever there is a news relating to a particular stock, you get the notification on Terminal, E-mail, desktop notification and on Mobile.

It may be SEC Filings, Press releases, Partners News, Block Deals or any kind of news that move the particular stock.

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Benzinga Pro Terminal

Benzinga Pro Terminal is a workspace where You will find all tools that will help you in your trading and make you big Bucks.

Following are the tools in Benzinga Pro Terminal.

  • Advance NEWSFEED
  • Details
  • Calender
  • Watchlist
  • Movers
  • Scanners
  • Signals
  • Screeners
  • Squank
  • Chat Box

Benzinga Pro Login

You can login directly by clicking the login button. You can then sign on with your E-mail Id and Password. Benzinga Pro Login


Here is the instant access for the one time free Trial.

You can join now and test the Benzinga Pro terminal and workspace before the offer comes to an end.

Free Trial Instant Access

Benzinga Pro Cost

Benzinga Pro is not free but it comes with a 7 day Money-Back Guarantee.

Benzinga Pro comes in 3 variants.

  • Benzinga Pro Basic – $99 per month (if paid monthly) / $79 per month (If paid Annually – 20% discount)
  • Benzinga Pro Essential – $177 per month (if paid monthly) / $117 per month (If paid Annually – 34% discount)
  • Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship – $347 per month (if paid monthly) / $289 per month (If paid Annually – 17% discount)  

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