Best Forex Trading Apps in India

Best Forex Trading Apps in India in 2022

Forex trading apps are great tool to start earning in 2022. Since the arrival of the pandemic in India, the economic market here has shut down and the nifty is constantly dropping for the consecutive three weeks.

You must be wondering the step to get yourself out from the damaging pandemic and grow your money.  How about Forex? Let us understand what is Forex.

What is Forex?

The Forex is abbreviated as foreign exchange market which is a global market for exchanging national currencies. This is market where currencies are traded against each other. Currencies are most important to conduct any service or trade or for buying and selling across borders hence there is a need to constantly exchange foreign currencies.

 For example, if we take a case of a person living in United States and wants to buy something from France then the person is required to pay the price of that commodity in Euros. This means that they will have to exchange the equivalent value of US Dollars into Euros.

The same example goes everywhere whenever there is a cross border exchange.

Now you know what Forex is, but the issue is to find out, what are the best Forex trading apps in India in 2022.

Best Forex apps in India -list of top 10 Forex trading apps

Foreign exchange has become vital and proficient in day to day business opportunities. Currency pair trading is on a leading way with digitalisation and technology. Since there are multiple Forex trading apps in the market that has overall made the task of Forex trading easy and convenient and whether you reside in any part of the world, you will not lose on the trending trades.

Forex trading apps provide all the knowledge you need for online Forex trading for instance Forex signals, demo account and FX chart stimulation in an easy manner. Accordingly, we have made a list of the best Forex trading apps in India in 2022.

1. IQ Option app

IQ Option is one of the leading apps to reside in the list of many top business investors and Forex traders.

If you’re wondering about being beginner then my friend, you’re at the right spot. IQ option app is a user-friendly app that can be used by beginners as well. They have such easy interface of their mobile application that works awesome with trading.

With remarkable tools and techniques, you can easily go for any trade. It is highly beneficial for you and my team would recommend it as the best Forex trading app in India.

2. XM app

This app is indeed a great tool for online Forex trading. it is rated as one of the top apps in this particular arena yet they are not the best. You must be wondering why? The answer to this would be that this app isn’t for beginner.

You need to be an experienced trader to use its feature and technology, but for those who know trading, they enjoy trading through XM app.

It is available in both android and iPhone and comes in handy with complete functionality, charting ease and full trading.

3. iForex app

It is yet another famous Forex trading app in India that works magic and helps its users with financial news, business trade and share market.

iForex app is very easy and direct to use especially for beginners. You can keep tracking the output in real time stats and assets, stocks, etc.

There are charts and pre-mentioned strategies you can employ to get your trade going. You can easily create your account and start building your portfolio. So, beginners you still here? Download it fast and grab your financial independence right now.

4. Alpari app

You must have heard the name Alpari? Oops sorry its just not a name but a brand name with advanced trading features; favourites of many investors.

Nonetheless, the beginners can also use this app through step wise instructions already given.

The funds are transferred directly to your bank and everyday charts are prepared for strict analysis and better trading predictions.

5. Olymp trade app

Top Forex trading application in India. Who hasn’t heard the name of Olymp trade? They are a renowned brand.

You can immediately start trading here even if you’re a beginner. They have the most accurate charts and inter currency trading with an exclusive offer to trade in all exchanges.

You can easily use all the features of this app that includes equity and futures as well.

6. app is another leading Forex trading website which is #1 ranker in United States. However, it works pretty well in India too.

It has grabbed attention of many famous investors and traders.

They have app and website both and here you need to relax with investment because they have a plenty of options in them. Also, beginner friendly.

7. eToro app

Great social trading site for retailers and has a pretty good public that invests through eToro app.

You can just start your investment with $50 without charging any commission and hence an easy platform to even begin with cryptocurrencies.

8. Angel broking app

The 2016 award winning app for the title “best mobile trading app”. It has developed further three apps for different trading services. Angel broking app is now Angel One.

These are angel to many beginner traders and investors.

9. 5paisa app

One of the popular apps backed by the leading IIFL companies.

Besides stocks, equity, insurance, mutual funds and other services are given with easy interface for users. You can set your goals here and track them accordingly. 5paisa app is the best in the trading business in India.

10. Kotak stock trading app

They are the first stockbrokers having a mobile application for their clients. It is available in all platforms and pretty easy to use. You can go for this one and open the forex trading account in Kotak trading app easily.

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