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The Ultimate Guide To Make Money Online from Home

Today’s economy is hectic, and everyone is struggling to make some extra cash, some of us are really looking for a way to escape poverty or find a job. The good thing is that there are many opportunities out there on the internet for anyone to Survive. At least those who are serious and ambitious enough. All that you need is a smartphone or a laptop with good internet connection and a few tips make money online.

In this article, I will bring to you some of the many tried and tested ways people have made money online. I am talking serious money here.  Not the occasional luck that brings you some odd dollars once in a while. Take your time to go through this article, the subsequent articles will focus on the in-depth analysis and methods so stay tuned to this space.


Yes, it might sound cliché, but this actually makes money. Some bloggers actually take home more than $ 10,000 a month and other blogs valued for more than $1,000,000. An example is the So how do you start a blog and build all that money?

First, get a domain name and look for a good host. Luckily, can sort you out with less than $10 a month so you can start blogging. I will go ahead and tell you that this is quite difficult, and you can spend more than 2 years doing nothing but writing every day before you can start seeing the good money.

The reason for this is that blogs are very competitive, you start writing a story today and tomorrow someone else is doing the same. Also, almost all topics have been covered. So, to make it, build a brand by writing your story uniquely and within time, you will notice the difference. The key to blogging told by every successful blogger is to be patient and unique.

So how do you exactly make money from blogs? There are a number of ways people make money from blogging. These are as follows.

•    Advertising. When you have garnered a good number of followers, you can start hosting advertisement in your blog for a fee.

•    Affiliate marketing. This is the new trend by big companies to geared to increase their sales. What you do is to simply advertise these products on your blog and leave out a link. Any purchase of the products through this link earns you a commission, usually, this is 10% but some from can go as high as 50% per purchase.

•    Selling your products and services. If you are good at something, you can use your blog to market it and sell it your followers. Many good computer programmers do this, especially in the dark web. A good example of a blog selling its services is the This guy makes money by selling his dog training services and is quite successful.

•    Sponsored posts. These are articles about a specific product that some companies will pay you to put on your blog.

Article and academic writing

To start with, this is not for the faint heated. If you love researching and gluing your eyes in front of a computer, this is for you. I have done a little bit of this and while the paying is good, I definitely hated the long working hours. Also, you don’t have time of your own, orders come, and you have to finish without postponing like a blog.

Today, there are over 1,000 sites that will pay you to write articles or do academic work for a good pay. Normally, you will be required to do a test so that they can gauge your skills and the quality of content that you can deliver.

Upwork and Fiverr are the most frequented article writing sites by experienced writers, but anyone can join at any time. Here the mode of payment is usually $5 per article which can increase as you rise through the ranks. Others like however, are much more regulated and new sellers are required to do a series of tests before they can join. The site also pays much more than Fiverr.

For academic writing, the payment is usually much higher as it demands proficiency within one’s field but much more regulated and unforgiving clients. Luckily, once in a while you will get away with an easy project. I once did “Types of Financial Institutions” a lesson I had exactly that morning. Normally you will be paid at least $20 per paper which might be a little as two pages.

Other popular sites are:

•    iWriter. This site you can earn as high as $80 for a 500-word article. Their services are simple, join the site and start wring then level up to start earning the big backs.

•    Listverse. Make a 1500-word list that contains 10 things, and any accepted article will earn you at least $100.

Online surveys and tests

There are thousands of websites that are willing to pay you money so long as you take surveys online or test some of their online products. First of all, let me dispense you with the notion that you will earn big money here.

Most of these sites will pay you cents for taking surveys where some are borderline personal. Also, some set the amount that you can withdraw to be as high as $100 which means that it will take you weeks before you can actually see your efforts earning you anything.

It will worthy to note that some of these paying websites will only choose people from the USA or Europe. If you take these, get ready to get a lot of spam mails. By the way some of the information collected is sold for much more than you are getting.

The most popular sites for taking surveys and tests are:

•    Swagbucks.

•    MySurvey

•    iPoll.

Start a YouTube Channel

I will start by telling you the painful truth, every time that you are clicking on that funny video or a vine, you are making the owner of that channel money. Here is the fact, the highest paid YouTube Channel owner rakes about $2 million a year. Yes, that is a two followed by six zeros that is tax-free money.

Next time you are watching a video on YouTube, remember this. Setting up a YouTube channel is quite easy. First, get your Gmail then logging to YouTube with it. after this, just click new Channel and you will have created one. Also, it is worthy to note that any content that you post should not go against any copyrights issues which can result in your channel being flagged down.

YouTube usually pay you $1 per ever 1000 views which can be as little as 5 seconds. You can also earn more money on your channel by hosting some advertisement or promoting products through affiliate marketing. Just remember that if you have a Gmail, you have a dormant YouTube channel with money to be made.

Selling eBooks

When was the last time you cozied up with a hardcopy of Lee Child, Jack Reacher sequel? If you are a millennial like most of us, probably never. The simple fact is that publishers are going digital and doing away with most of the hard copies.

If you are a good writer, then this is your opportunity, there are many websites out there that will teach you how to write a good eBook that sells. Some even go ahead and publish your book if it is good enough. To make money out of eBooks, you need to be good at writing or a blogger with a good following.

Most successful authors of eBooks started off as bloggers who got published. However, anyone can do it millions of eBooks are sold each year in the United States alone. What you need is a good talent for writing and storytelling then uploading your work to your blog or Amazon. You can try marketing your product on social media or even your blog to attract attention.

Building Apps

Are you a wizard when it comes to computers? If yes, why not build applications for money? Almost everyone these days uses a smartphone. If you have a good working knowledge of programming especially with Android, then you have a big wide market in front of you.

Although at Google Play store there are thousands of applications, you can better yours to fit with the need of the people. However, do not limit yourself to Android alone as Apple is also another great market. Apple store also needs additional applications for its users. You can also extend your revenue collection by hosting advertisements within your application and support in-app purchases.


Are you a good listener? If yes, then you can make money with your ears. There are websites that will pay you to transcribe audio files or videos for a fee. Usually, this fee will be charged according to your accuracy and how fast you can transcribe the file. Normal fee is $5 for a 30 minutes’ audio file. The good thing about this is that you get to enjoy the entertainment while you get paid for transcription.

Sell your skills online

Thanks to the internet that you can now start selling your skills online. Of course, for a small fee. You can sell programming skills, fixing electronics or even how to make paper planes all thanks to the internet. Udemy is a great place to begin. Here, you will be required to set up a course, usually in Pdf format or videos and sell these lessons to your clients for a fee. The mode here is $19 for a course.

Sell snapshots for money

Instead of filling up your smartphone with photos and then deleting them to make space for new ones, you can now snap then and sell them for a fee. Instead of deleting the images, you can upload to the Foap where people are willing to pay for your photos.

The standard fee is about $5 per image and $ 20 for a video. The good this is that more than one person can buy your photos but the bad this is that you lose the copyrights to that image. Also, your photos need to be raw and unedited to make a sale here.

Make money on Instagram

You have probably heard people are making money through social media. So how do you do this?  What you need is to concentrate on a particular niche, say fashion or motivation and have a good number of followers. These need to be at least 1000 active followers or even 100K depending on your goal.

Depending on your follower, you can market your products or host sponsored posts through your Instagram just like in blogging. You can also do affiliate marketing while at the same time promoting your products as well as selling your photos. The good thing about Instagram is that one revenue stream does not necessarily decline the other.

Also, you can sell your account for big bucks once it is mature enough. A good case is where a teenager sold his account for $100,000. So can you.

Now that you already know some of the best ways to earn money online, you should take the following advice to heart before starting out with your selected method.

•    Be patient. Most will be in dismay after just 2 days of no income. I will tell you now as I told you before, it takes time to work. In article academic writing, you will have to bid for clients while in blogging, you need to build a brand while at the same time writing unique content. Most results will start showing after 2-3 months of intensive hard work.

•    Take it as any other work. Take your work seriously. So, what you can sleep until 11 am and write your blog while sitting in the toilet? Unless you take this work seriously, there is nowhere you are going. Remember that it does not come with health insurance and other benefits, so work your ass off.

•    Be practical. Stop imagining that you will be buying a car at the end of the year. The truth is you won’t. like any other job out there, it has its own curve so set your goals in carefully no matter how fast you are growing.

•    Set a timetable. Treat this work will respect and be professional about it. when working with a timetable you will get in the habit soon enough and start to enjoy it. This will lessen the delayed deliveries as well as giving you the freedom to search for other ways of making extra income.

Online Stock Trading

If you have sound knowledge of finance, Stock, Forex or Crypto trading. You can start this right away and build wealth. There are a number of online stock & Forex brokers. You can open trading or Demat account in these platforms.

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