What is Options Trading

Options trading is a tool letting you buy or sell assets within a timeframe.

It's like a flexible stock strategy, profiting from market movements—up, down, or stable.

In Options Trading, We have 2 options to buy or sell  - Call Option - Put Option

if you think, market/ stock will move up - Buy Call Option - Sell Put Option

if you think, market/ stock will go down - Buy Put Option - Sell Call Option

Options are used for - Hedging - Speculation - Generating Extra Income

Strategies like covered calls or protective puts cater to different market scenarios.

Key terms like strike price, expiration date, and volatility are vital for success.

All big investors and traders buy and sell options for hedging to counter market downfall

Options no doubt are risky because it offer leverage and can be started with leverage.

But Options trading can also be mastered by learning and can lead towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM